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By | February 5, 2022

Air Up Jüngst. Listen to lena to find out how she. It all started three years ago during my time at university where i studied product design.

Produktdesignerin werden Lena Jüngst von air up über
Produktdesignerin werden Lena Jüngst von air up über from

Air up was founded by lena jüngst, tim jäger, jannis koppitz, fabian schlang and simon nüesch.; Because air up is a future category leader that proves food can grow like tech. Fabian schlang, tim jäger, lena jüngst, simon nüesch and jannis koppitz.

Lena Und Tim (Ihr Lernt Ihn Im Nächsten Blogartikel Näher Kennen) Sind Nicht Nur Gründer Von Air Up, Sondern Sie Hatten Auch Die Maßgebliche Idee Zu Diesem Revolutionären Trinksystem.

Wir fassen für euch zusammen, was man von lena jüngst lernen kann: Single use plastic and sugar. They founded air up together:

The First Prototype For Air Up Was Developed By Lena Jüngst And Tim Jäger In 2016 And Spent Three Years In Development, Including A Master’s Thesis On Aromas, To Combine Innovative Design And The Neuroscience Behind The Idea And Turn It Into A Real Product.

«seit wir genügend geld haben, macht’s richtig spass» die münchner jungfirma air up hat bei namhaften investoren in nur 18 monaten 60 millionen euro. The fragrance, which gives the flavour, is simply breathed out again through the nose. Unique in the world, the new product has been on the market since early august with support from parties such as seed investors frank thelen and ralf dümmel.

“We Knew That Our Idea Had Potential, But We Would Have Never Imagined This Amount Of Success.

About lena jüngst & simon nuesch: Says lena jüngst about the genesis of air up. How did the idea for air up come about?

Lena Jüngst Plauderte Mit Moderator Julian Thorner Als Würden Sie Gemeinsam Einen Kaffee Trinken.

Since then, air up has successfully launched in germany, france, belgium. Our investment thesis was based on backing the innovative new player that could become the leading beverage brand tackling the industry’s key issues: Unterstützt durch das exist gründerstipendium und mit hilfe von.

Fabian Schlang, Tim Jäger, Lena Jüngst, Simon Nüesch And Jannis Koppitz.

The idea came from the topic of my bachelor thesis neuroscience meets design. Founders fabian schlang, jannis koppitz, lena jüngst, simon nüesch, tim jäger. With tim jäger, lena jüngst wrote a bachelor thesis on air up prototypes.

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